Our Curriculum

Early Start Learning Development Center encourages lifelong learning, decision making and problem solving, while motivating each child to reach their full potential. Early Start Learning Development Center teaches the whole child using the Creative Curriculum, which parallels national and state early learning standards. Early Start Learning Development Center also plans instruction using the developmentally appropriate practices outlined by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). These curriculum goals and objectives align with the assessments of child progress while guiding teachers’ implementation of learning opportunities. Listed below are our focus areas: Curriculum Based Instruction: We focus on teaching the whole child through the use of Creative Curriculum. This curriculum allows students to establish schedules and routines, participate in large/small group activities while strengthening social-emotional skills. Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Opportunities allow for students to develop and explore new skills including writing, cutting, coloring, painting, sculpting, playing and more. Cognitive and Literacy Development: Counting, letter recognition and sounds are all learned while students take turns, listen, and share. Language Skills: Students will focus on listening skills, expanding their vocabulary, engaging conversation, and following simple directions.